Rules & Elections Committee

BHNC By-Laws (download)


1. NC’s must adopt fair and open procedures for the conduct of their business. (Charter Sec. 904(g))

2. At a minimum, NC bylaws must provide for:

  • The method by which their officers are chosen
  • NC membership to be open to everyone who lives, works or owns property in the area (stakeholders)
  • Assurances that the members of the NC will reflect the diverse interests within their area
  • A system through which the NC will communicate with stakeholders on a regular basis;
  • A system for financial accountability of NC funds
  • Guarantees that all meetings will be open and public, and permit, to the extent feasible, every stakeholder to participate in the conduct of business, deliberation and decision making  (Charter Sec. 906(a))

3. NC bylaws must also include the following:

  • NC name
  • Definitions of stakeholders and governing body members
  • Meeting procedures that reflect the requirements of the Meetings section above
  • Grievance procedures (Plan Art. III, Sec. 2(c))

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