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Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council celebrates their 15 Year Anniversary with the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners and the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment

Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council History

In 1999 , the new Los Angeles Charter created neighborhood councils as quasi city entities to advise those in government who are making decisions that affect our lives. During the Neighborhood Council certification process, the city was divided into many geographic areas and neighborhood council in each area was empowered to represent the respective communities.

On May 21, 2002 the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council received its certification  from the City of Los Angeles establishing it as an advisory board to City Council. Ever since that day the BHNC has continued to serve more than 85,000 residents, stakeholders and members. After nearly facing decertification in 2011 the BHNC would adopt a new form of bylaws  The newly formed Bylaws dissolved the board executive officer positions,  established all members as stakeholders, and held an election amongst its board to elect new officers. Upon doing so it led also to the creation of the Neighborhood Committee that would establish the BHNC into 4 respective area seats equally represented.

Despite having to enter into survival mode the BHNC managed to speedily get itself out of Exhaustive Efforts. Funds were released allowing the BHNC to once again serve as a voice of the Boyle Heights community. Today the BHNC continues to serve as a bridge of communication amongst it stakeholders and City Hall. In May of 2012 the Boyle Heights neighborhood Council hosted and celebrated its 10th year anniversary as an advisory board to City hall and a voice of the people.

Download PowerPoint/Information that led to its Certification: BHNC

Purpose of the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council


The purpose of the BHNC shall be to promote a more vibrant community in the Boyle Heights neighborhood by establishing an open line of communication between the BHNC, the government and other neighborhoods.

In addition, the BHNC shall:

1. Develop a sense of personal pride and responsibility in the Stakeholders for both their neighborhood and their City, fostering a sense of community

2. Assist the City and the Boyle Heights neighborhood in finding solutions to common problems.

3. Provide an open process by which all Stakeholders of the BHNC may involve themselves in the affairs of the community.

4. Educate Stakeholders so they can make informed decisions about the quality and condition of their community.

5. Recruit Board Officers that reflect the diversity of the community.

6. Inform the City government of the community’s priorities, make recommendations on the City budget, and provide input to the Stakeholders on the efficiency and effectiveness of the government’s delivery of services.

-BHNC Bylaws Approved 9/6/2011 ; Article II (4)

Download the current bylaws : Boyle_Heights_Approved_Bylaws

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